Want to sell your crypto? Think again.

By taking out a crypto-backed loan with Mode, you’ll get the cash you need and won’t need to sell a satoshi.

      *The suggested loan amount is an estimate only. The final figure will be calculated based on the actual market price of the crypto-asset at the time of the loan approval.

      Highest Level Security & Protection of Assets

      Multi-crypto deposits including BTC and ETH

      Multi-currency loans including GBP and EUR

      Quick and easy loan application process

      iOS mobile application available

      Why take out a loan

      Here are a few examples of how you can use your personal loan

      Fund Your Dream Holiday

      Travel the world with crypto by financing your dream holiday through a Mode loan

      Make Large Purchases

      Whether you’re looking to buy a car or a house, our loan can get you the cash you need within 24h

      Consolidate Existing Debt

      Pay off that high-cost loan or credit card you’ve been accumulating interest on once and for all

      Pay University Expenses

      Finance a university degree and the associated fees, such as tuition, books and living expenses

      iOS App Available

      Apply for a loan anytime, anywhere

      Get a Mode Card to spend your funds

      Monitor your day-to-day transactions

      Track your portfolio's performance in real time

      Extend your loan in just a few minutes

      Make instant loan repayments


      A Mode loan is a crypto-backed loan that will enable you to easily unlock the value of your holdings and make them work in the real world. 

      Our loans will be offered in British Pound and Euro, and backed by Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) with more options available shortly after.

      Mode will be the perfect solution for individuals from around the world seeking to make the most of their crypto investments without selling.

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      Our personal loans product will be live in just a few months. To reserve early access register your details .

      We will also be posting regular updates on our blog, Twitter and Telegram – Stay tuned!

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